My Requirement is ...I have SOAP driver to assign and revoke roles to a
user ...but in case if my user has some 10 roles assigned to him, a
revoke request comes for the user and this request has 4 roles to be
revoked. I have written for-each conditions to check if role is present
in IDM and inside this another for-each to check if the role exist for
the user. If the current node in outer for-each (result of IDM) matches
with inner for-each node ...then role is revoked from the user then a
flag is set to TRUE . But it is not coming out of the loop and go to the
next node that needs to be revoked. Currently my code in inner for-each
is continuing the checking with the current node(outer-for-each) until
the last role assigned to the user is checked.
Which command i can use to come out of the current action when the role
to be revoke is identified and revoked from user, and then it should
return and continue with the next node to be revoked and not continue on
the same current node.

I tried a break , but it did not go back to next node instead it came
out of entire policy.As i understand from docs.. Veto will also stop all
the further action .. Can some one help here ?

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