We upgraded our live email system to GW2014, from GW8, over the weekend.
Part of this project was to also start using IDM for GW. During my
testing phase, creating an account in eDirectory never failed to create
a GW account.

The only thing I have found about this is TID 7016436
(https://www.netiq.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7016436), which states that
you need to have the LDAP Server connection match the name of the tree.
I have ensured that we are following this.

In my testing I only had a single GW domain, but our live system uses a
parent/child domains. The LDAP Server connection (in GW) has the Sync
Domain set to the parent domain. The remote loader is running on the
child domain, which all the PO's are members of.

Should I have the remote loader running on the MTA of the parent

Trace level 3 (anonymized) from the remote loader:

I am having other issues that were experienced in my testing (as seen in
my previous threads), but those can be cleaned up with a GW sync.


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