We have an icon we give to all users, this icon is a ZCM Bundle. It is a bundle that Directs to a specific Intranet webpage.

It is currently assigned to the "Device" and the "User"

It is done this way due to the fact if we deploy a new Computer and we forget to refresh the Dynamic Group "Windows 7 Workstations" they still get the icon and can get to the site as it is assigned to the user.

This all works as expected.

** Note we also run a script every logon out of the HKLM Run that refreshes the ZCM Cache after X amount of seconds:
WScript.sleep 12000
Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
objShell.Run("zac.exe ref general bypasscache"), 0, False

Laptop user goes offsite and uses cached credentials for a "workstation only" logon. Icon / bundle displays no problem.

However I have just recently noticed that eventually the icons disappear. It takes time Not sure how long yet as I have not been able to track down when a user takes it offsite and how long its offsite before it disappears.

I am assuming this is related to some sort of cache lifetime. I know under Configuration > Zenworks Agent> General

The agent has a Cache Life: setting and by default its at 336 Hours (14 Days). Form the description I do not believe this would affect my issue but maybe?

Any direction would be helpful.