iPrint Appliance

Our self signed certs expired last week so I followed the "ndsconfig upgrade plus unload and reload ldap" method.

it didn't work:

Configuring SAS service
ERROR 111: Unable to connect to local server.Unable to configure LDAP server with default SSL CertificateDNS certificate. Use ConsoleOne/ldapconfig to associate SSL CertificateDNS certificate with LDAP server
Server is Down.

ERROR 2: Unable to unload dsi module - No such file or directory.
The instance at /etc/opt/novell/eDirectory conf/nds.conf is upgraded sucessfully

ERROR: ndsconfig return value = 100.

I've reverted back to the snapshot I took so we're still running with a working LDAP server. But I would like to update my certs so we can see printer status pages. I haven't applied the latest 1.1 patch (patch 5) yet. Is there anything I can do to make this successfully complete?