I have had more complaints than I'd like in recent months, from our end
users, regarding issues with the GroupWise client. It seems the later client
address at least 2 of my issues.
I have to say, the server side of things has been great since migrating to
SLES... Any issues we've had are quickly resolved by restarting agents etc,
and that's been a rarity in itself.

But to address the client issues, I need to go to R2. I have noticed a few
comments in other posts regarding R2's stability. I certainly don't want a
repeat of the olden days (Gw8 patches on NetWare 6.5 kept me in a job!)
where you introduce new problems, but are people generally happy that R2, at
HP1 now, is stable?

Also, I assume I just need the media from here to carry out the upgrade from
2014 to R2 HP1, ie there's no intermediate version required? -

Thanks in advance, Alan