We are trying to customize the UA following the instructions of the
article "Managing Custom UserApp Themes: All instructions in one place"
(http://tinyurl.com/ou46edv). We have Tomcat and follow the following

1. Copy C:\netiq\idm\apps\tomcat\webapps\IDMProv.war to the folder
Custom (in Desktop).
2. run command jar.exe xvf IDMProv. Extract the war.
3. Create folder CustomCredit, CustomCredit\resource and
4. Copy Custom\resource\themes in to CustomCredit\resource. Now have
5. Change default themes name: Neptune --> CustomNeptune & BlueGloss -->
6. Create web.xml in CustomCredit\WEB-INF. With the following content:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
7. We are substituting the images we want (with the same name as the
8. Change theme.XML.
- display-name
- Description
- Remove the following:

<resource-bundle>com.novell.afw.portal.artifacts.theme.BlueG loss</resource-bundle>
9. dojo.css file, change the @import line to the following value:
10.Generate MyCustomThemes.war: jar.exe cvf MyCustomThemes.war *
11. run configupdate.bat to add the new theme. In Custom Themes Context
Name = MyCustomThemes.
12. Copy MyCustomThemes.war in C:\netiq\idm\apps\tomcat\webapps.
13. Acces UA portal and flush cache.

Not we see new themes. If put CustomNeptune for default in
configuration.AppDefs.AppConfig.User Application
Driver.driverset1.system, not find the new theme.
What am I doing wrong? Someone can guide me to find the solution?

Thanks and Regards.

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