In our IDM 4.5 environment we are connecting to an Oracle database where
there are fields that hold different codes to determine what facilities
a user is associated with as opposed to having multiple fields or some
comma delimited value. The fields break down similarly to the following

BSC01 = 1
DSC01 = 2
LRSC1 = 4
MASU1 = 8
MISU1 = 16
MISUB = 32
NDSCS = 64
NDUS1 = 128
UND01 = 256
VCSU1 = 512
WSC01 = 1024
NDUSO = 2048
SITS1 = 4096

With this table in mind, we may find values like "1060" which indicates
the user is associated with facility three codes; LRSC1 (4), MISUB (32)
and WSC01 (1024) [4 + 32 + 1024 = 1060]. Within the another system that
is leveraging that data today they have some BitAnd/BitOr operations
that break that down but I'm struggling to see how this can be done in
IDM. To try and create a mapping table of every combintation of codes
and values would be ridiculously insane and large but I need a way to
process this value and others like it. I assume there is some way to do
this through an ECMAScript that I can call through the driver but am not
familiar enough with BitAnd operators to make it work. Any direction,
links, samples, etc would be very appreciated.

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