Groupwise Server v14R2HP1

So i'm trying out the inbuilt mac client using ldap. It connects fine, downloads all the email, but when you do send / receive or leave it to do it automatically you can see it saying receiving one email but no new emails show up in the client.

I have to shutdown and reopen the Mac mail client to show new emails.

If I send new emails they go straight away. I can see they go and can open gmail and see them there, but when i send any emails to the inbuilt mac client they just don't show up as soon as i close and reopen the mail client they appear.

Anyone come across similar / got any ideas.

I've got a vm running windows on the same mac and they pick up the new emails fine in the groupwise client and also webmail shows new stuff just the inbuilt mac client doesn't. I do send / receive and it says receiving new email but it just doesn't show it in the inbox.