I submitted an SR for a user whose caching mailbox status bar (lower
part of the windows client main screen) consistently, across three
different machines, shows "Mailbox Size: 30%" or some other comfortably
low statistic.

This user's online mailbox is at 90% (I gave him a little more space so
it's 80% now).

I do have size limits applied to cache as well as online, and in the
caching mode client, you can go to tools/check mailbox size and see an
accurate depiction of a mailbox at 90% - it's just that this little
automatic piece right on the main client screen is always wrong.

The Novell tech brushed me off thusly:

"Unfortunately, with a 7.65GB mailbox, I would fully believe that the
user is going to see more problems than just an incorrect size report in
the caching client.

The larger the mailbox gets, the more problematic it becomes. This is
true of any mail application, Notes, Exchange, etc. All of your 2.4GB
mailboxes are working just fine, which is really about the max that you
would want them.

So if the user feels that they cannot reduce the mailbox below the
current size, then there will just be things that come up along the way
that will cause problems for this mailbox.

You can also try using the standalone GWCheck on that users workstation
and run a Contents check against the Caching mailbox with 'Update user
disk space totals' enabled. You may have to run it one or more times per
day to keep the stats the way you want them."

So tell me, please: is that a reasonable or factual reply??????