I'm looking for a way to remotely execute commands on a NetWare server using only the command line, as part of a script.
Preferably something that can be run from a Windows host machine.

The servers are all NW ‎6.5 SP8.

Basically I need to check the status of a few services on a few servers and I'm looking to automate it.
I'm aware of rconj however I've attempted to pass parameters to it from the command line and apparently it just launches the GUI with the server field pre-populated. There's no extended capability along the lines of "populate server and password fields, auto-connect, authenticate to eDirectory & dump service status to a file on the host executing the script".

I'm already doing this for the linux iPrint appliance servers we run, there is an equivalent utility for Linux systems called 'plink' that accepts a shell script to run on the remote server as a parameter. For that, a batch file is run that reads a list of IP addresses from a text file, and for each line runs plink against that server with the nominated shell script to check service status, appending all results to an output file.

Even if there's no automatable version of rconj, can anyone else think of a way to check service status remotely? For instance if there's an executable floating around that just pulls remote service status from NetWare servers or something? Even if this runs on a GUI if the default behavior dumps results to a file I can use it.

Can provide more info if needed.

Cheers, Bruno