• Access Manager
  • BugZilla 5.0.3

I'm getting very weird behaviour reported by others. Whenever they use a BugZilla link that does a 302 REDIRECT it ends up sending them back to the root URI rather than the URI returned. Other GET/POST requests that result in a 200 are fine for the users.

Murphy's Law, I can't reproduce on my Linux machine with both Firefox and Chrome, but I've had reports of it occurring on a few Windows machines in Chrome, Firefox, and IE....even after the whole "clear the browser of all past life"....

The web server logs show the same GET request in both scenarios with the 302 response, but only my GET actually eventuates to a 200 response.

There is a basic form and authorisation for the entire /Bugzilla/* as well as Header Injection (per session) for the Bugzilla authentication (all off the same LDAP)....as there is no "not authorised" message by NAM, I doubt this is any issue.

Headers aren't helping me. Web server logs aren't helping me. This is making it very difficult to decipher the culprit as being NAM or Bugzilla or Apache.

Anyone have these particular versions working in harmony??