I have seen this numerous times already. When my tech person uses iManager to say, check and unlock a user or set permissions to a file or folder for someone, I can see many admin user login sessions when viewing who's logged in via the Novell Send Message util or in Novell Remote Manager. If I look at the session in NRM, none have any files open or locked. I can clear them all out. But it can sometimes create over a dozen or more connections. I can't figure out why this is happening so I can stop it. The sessions will not clear out until manually cleared or the server is rebooted.

I know today he went in and set some file permissions. I see 14 admin user logins when I look at the list of users in Novell Send Message. If I go into NRM and Manage NCP Services and View Connections, I can also see the same number in there, all created in the timeframe (3-4 minutes) that he went in and added the file rights. We are using Firefox latest version (46.01 I believe) with iManager 2.7.7 on OES 11/SLES 11 SP3. Is this some sort of a known issue, or something in the way iManager is being used?

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