Hi ,

I am developing a SOAP driver. A HTTP post is sent as a input to the driver.

The HTTP post is having information to be processed by driver within the <Services> </Services> tag. The event does not have any add or modify tag in it. it is directly posted to driver.
the event is as below
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<Service xmlns:dxl="http://www.xyz.com/dxl">
</user identification>
<system tag="V">

I have used the default SOAP driver package and the DSML 2.0 base package. When i added the DSML 2.0 package - default policies and SOAP Input/Output Transformation XSLT and DSML input/out transformation XSLT got added automatically. No changes have been done to any of these policies or XSLT. I dont have any java extension defined in the driver , i have only selected add/remove <nds>,etc in the driver parameters. I am using the publisher channel in my driver and i am not using subscriber channel.

I have used XPath expression in my policies to read the values in XML input above and do the required activities. My driver is able to do all the required activities but at the end in the publisher channel after line "Pumping XDS to eDirectory" i am getting the below error instead of success message . Can some one please help me here ? I am expecting to have the result of my operation as my message and status as success/failure .

DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \IDV-DEV\services\IDM\IDV_DR_SET\drivername
Channel: Publisher
Status: Error
Message: Code(-9038) Element <Services> found under <input> is not allowed.