Running IDM 4.0.2 with AD Driver connecting to a remote loader
running on the DC with password filters installed on all DCs (and DCs
rebooted since install).

When changing passwords in IDM the passwords flow to AD without issue
but when changing passwords in AD the passwords do not come back to IDM.
We have checked the driver configurations and ensured that password
sync from AD to IDM is configured properly. We have checked the remote
loader is running. We have checked the password filter status on all
DCs. Everything checks out fine but it does not work.

We have checked this TID: to see if passwords
are making it to the RL registery and they are NOT! It seems there is
something preventing the passwords from being detected or stored
properly for the RL to consume. We have tried uninstalling/reinstalling
the password filters but this did not work.

When the AD driver was updated to the version a new RL install
was performed on a new DC and new password filters were deployed to
ensure that the driver, RL and pwd filters were all at the same level.
The old RL and pwd filters were removed prior to install. Any ideas?

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