I had a working JDBC driver configuration with direct triggerless
publication on an Identity Manager 4.0.2 32-bit SLES 11 SP4 server (JDBC
version 3.5.9) connecting to one table with primary key consisting of 2
integer an 1 date column in a MySQL database. After migrating to another
replica in the tree with Identity Manager 4.5.3 64-bit (JDBC version on SLES 12 SP1 the triggerless publication is not working
anymore (I cannot perform an in-place upgrade, because the old server is
32-bit). I just added the server to the driver set, copied the
configuration to the new server, disabled it on the old server and
enabled it on the new server.
The first run of the driver was working fine, all table entries were
processed, because there was no state file. But in the next publication
the calculation of changes never finishes, the cpu is at 100%.
A level 5 trace shows, that for all entries '1970-01-01' is picked up as
date instead of the right date, e.g.:

[05/25/16 08:52:26.701]:jdbc_driver PT: {[40084630,1970-01-01,28073120], 3379643128}

There are entries, that are only different in the date column. So the
following lines are repeated forever (until I stop the driver).

[05/25/16 08:52:27.123]:jdbc_driver PT:Move back object {[40084630,1970-01-01,28073120], null}
[05/25/16 08:52:27.123]:jdbc_driver PT:Moved back.


In the driver options 'java string' is selected as time syntax, which
worked on the old server.
The problem seems to be only inside the calculation of changes, because
in the first publication the date values were picked up correctly.

Any ideas?

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