I am facing a strange issue with the Sentinel Control Center. Maybe someone else have fight with that before and could help me.

I start the console JNLP application and after introduce the code I got this error :

"May 25, 2016 11:01:17 AM esecurity.base.datamodel.service.ServiceManager getCommunicator
INFO: Service sentinel_client registering for responses on esecurity.remote.response.sentinel_client.0AB86A40-04AF-1034-99AC-91CA79CF4BBC and callbacks on esecurity.remote.callback.sentinel_client.0AB86A40-04AF-1034-99AC-91CA79CF4BBC and for client service requests on esecurity.remote.client.0AB86A40-04AF-1034-99AC-91CA79CF4BBC
May 25, 2016 11:02:17 AM com.esecurity.common.communication.strategy.proxys trategy.ProxiedClientStrategy registerListener
WARNING: Failed to receive a confirmation message for registration on channel esecurity.remote.response.sentinel_client.0AB86A40-04AF-1034-99AC-91CA79CF4BBC
#### Java Web Start Error:
#### Registration for channel esecurity.remote.response.sentinel_client.0AB86A40-04AF-1034-99AC-91CA79CF4BBC failed - confirmation message not received"

Anyone has an idea what is going on? where to look for more information?