Hi Team,

While Going through Review Cycle, I was eager to check the review
I checked many things during this review. After scheduling this
manager's review, I tested various scenarios viz.:
1) Changed Reviewer of 50% of users to an another user (Let's say A) &
rest to Another User (Let's Say B).
2) A & B successfully accomplished half an their Job & routed rest of
their Jobs to their sub ordinates for completion (Let's Say C & D
3) I had Reminder mail notification & review Changed Notification for
all these dynamic changes during active review.
The Things, I didn't find are:
1) I didn't see any history of this review run, with all the changes
happened during review. I checked run history, But didn't find any
changes that happened during review (Any information regarding Step 1 &
Step 2 in Part-A).
2) While I changed reviewer for further processing, I didn't receive any
information in mail saying "Who forwarded this review to me"!

Kindly let me know, if we have this history available in Access review/
any way to harness this information in email templates.


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