Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has come across with this issue as I'm getting some users saying that they not getting a notification appearing when they received a new email or appointment.

Here's what I have done so far as in regards of trying to locate and resolve this issue:
1. Tested via our terminal server in which the users are able to get the alerts and notify for new emails.
2. Tested the same machine via my own details and works fine.
3. Got the user to login into a different machine and works fine.
4. Removed GW and reinstall.
5. Removed the user profile off the machine fully and got them to log in to create a new profile.
6. Tried the delsubscriberecords in GW check both with fix problems ticked and unticked.
7. Access options>tools>security>notifiy and removed the user and readded the user, Also unticked both subscribe to alarms/notification and OK'ed and reticking them again.

So at the moment I'm a bit stuck so any help would be great