Hi All,

I have a case , where my input event has multiple roles like <roleinfo>Role1#Role2#Role3<roleinfo>

I have used a node spliter followe by a for each command to assign each of the role.

But during each for each i would like to set a event id say for example 1001 for success and 1002 in case of failure in role assignment. That is for example if Role 1 and 3 assignment is success and Role 2 assignment is failure, then i am looking for a output in a local variable like 1001;1002;1001 , where each node will specify the status of each activity.

To achieve this i had written the below code inside my for-each statement for role assignment , but i am getting only the last event id in the local variable
For Each(roleinfo)
if success
Set event id =1001
set event id =1002
<do-set-local-variable name="var-event-id-node" scope="driver">
<token-join delimiter=";">
<token-local-variable name="var-event-id"/>

in the above code the output i am getting is 1001 only. Can some one please help me here.