Windows 10 64-bit Enterprise, UAC enabled, users are NOT part of the
local admin group
Novell Client 2 SP4 ir2
OES11sp2 server, NSS volume, on vSphere
The problem does NOT happen on Windows 7 users with the same client to
the same folders.

The User process is to copy completed files to a folder with Create &
FileScan rights or Read, Create, & FileScan rights
Occasionally this file ends up as zero length, with the user not
receiving an error mentioning any sort of write error. Support then has
to clear the zero length file with all its access auditing (documenting
why we had to touch it).

Users are using both drag & drop, and cut 'n paste methods, but we
haven't isolated any specific subtleties of the process that would
factor into the random happening. Of course it has yet to happen to us
when we are trying it or watching the users in action.

Andy of in Toronto
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