Hi all,
I need some help with prov request in IDM UA 4.0.2.

I've created a simple provisioning request, that should make an
attribute change (GivenName for instance).
It has only three activities (start > entity > finish).

Entity activity make replace value on GivenName from DAL User Entity.

Everything is ok, unless I want to make a rewrite (write the same value
into attribute). When I do this, there is no modify on the eDirectory
Is there a way accomplish this without splitting the step into two steps
with changing value at first and then bring the old one in second?

What I want to get after submit is something like this:

<modify class-name="User">
<modify-attr attr-name="Given Name">
<value type="string">val1</value>
<value type="string">val1</value>

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