Hi all.

K-12 school district admin here managing ZCM 11.2.3a at the moment.

Looks like I will finally upgrade our aging ZCM servers this summer! We have placed less and less emphasis on them since incorporating VMware VDI into our environment and switching labs to zero clients, but enough physical machines remain that we still need ZCM to image/manage them. That said - concentrating on VDI has resulted in my ZCM environment stagnating for the past couple of years. We currently sit at 11.2.3a and I honestly have not really paid much attention to it (it just kept working). I see that the current release is 11.4.1 (with 11.4.2 on the horizon). Can I simply upgrade right to 11.4.X in one move, or do I need to do an intermediate step of 11.3.X first? I have one zone with five primary servers (all currently running SLES 11 SP2) with the database external on MS SQL 2008 R2.

I have a new 2014 SQL server built and running - my thought was to also migrate and update the database onto the 2014 server as well. As a side/secondary question, since we have "downsized" our ZCM managed machines a lot, is there some instruction someone can point me at to clean up and shrink the database. I am thinking that after several years and many old derelict and deleted objects it could use a good "scrubbing"

Thanks in advance for any helpful advice!