Since I am apparently the "LDAP guy" I've been asked to help out with a
project that requires an LDAP as a backend to another system. They are
upgrading to Luminis 5. I don't know much about the working details and
such, I am simply being asked to provide an LDAP. Since we already have
eDirectory as part of our IDM system, I'm looking into the best/easiest
way to use our existing LDAP. I have a schema ldif file that was
provided for me and based on the little I know of other LDAPs, typically
a custom schema can be added by simply placing that file in a certain
directory and reloading ldap. My thinking was I can extend the schema
and create another O branch for them to use. Would this process be
different for eDirectory? I did not see any mention of doing it this way
when searching for information on extending the schema. Are there any
problems with this I might be overlooking or simpler ways of doing it?

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