This is weird:

Filr appliance.
LDAP is eDir
File system is NSS on OES11 SP2

NetFolder created that points to:

Underlying file system has structure like:

Folder3 has Trustee Rights of: RWCEFM assigned to a Group in Edir.
Group name:

User is in that group

User logs into Filr, sees the NetFolder, clicks on it.
They then see the file structure:
Folder1, etc.

They click on Folder3

and get:

The folder is not accessible

If I login as Admin into Filr, I can access it.

The only thing I Noticed is that there are multiple groups in eDir called: Wildlife
But obviously different ou's.

We're using JITS, BTW.

I tracked down the Group in Filr Admin (you have to hover over the group to see which ou it's in). So I know FIlr sees it.
I clicked the group, it's a static group (vs. Dynamic Groups in eDir).
I clicked the membership

Sure enough, it's not showing the correct/updated members.

LDAP is scheduled to sync twice/day (every 12 hours).