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Thread: Error in Date Conversion to ED format

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    Error in Date Conversion to ED format

    Hi ,

    My Date is in format 10/07/2015 00:00:00, when i try to convert this to ED format using the below code i get the error mentioned below.

    FYI : I have left a space between date: parse, because : p was turning into a smile..

    var-Date-Fmt=10/07/2015 00:00:00
    <do-set-local-variable name="var-Date-Fmt" scope="policy">
    <token-xpath expression="round(date: parse($var-Date-Fmt)div 1000)"/>

    Error:Code(-9131) Error in vnd.nds.stream:...#XmlData:232 : Error evaluating XPATH expression 'token-xpath("round(date: parse($var-Date-Fmt)div 1000)")' : com.novell.xml.xpath.XPathEvaluationException: function 'date: parse' not found

    FYI: My IDM version is greater than 3.5. But I think i used the same code above in a different driver, there it was not throwing a error, but not sure why it is throwing a error in SOAP driver.

    Can some one please help me here ?
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