Are there recommended indexes on the nrf* attributes for the UA to speed
it up? I'm working in somebody else's system here, so I don't know the
entire history, but looking roles and resources is glacially slow. Like
"oops, I clicked on the assignments tab, I'll go have a nap, make a pot
of tea, maybe walk the dog, solve world peace, and then it'll finally
display" slow.

UA is 4.02 Patch E

The path to pain is "Roles and Resources" tab, the "Resource Catalog",
pick a resource, then go to the "Assignments" tab.

I'm currently not able to see what the resulting search looks like (an
LDAP trace of this would be helpful, I know...). I'm guessing that it's
looking for nrfAssignedResources on objects. So that, and maybe
nrfAssignedRoles should have value indexes created? Any other of the nrf*
attributes that should be indexed?

The (IDM45) docs only say:

Identity Vault Indexes
During installation, specifies whether you want the installation program
to create indexes on the manager, ismanager, and srvprvUUID attributes.
which I'm pretty sure isn't what's being used here. Searching this forum
didn't turn up anything.

David Gersic
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