Hi All: I recently built a new base win7 image (sysprep'ed). When the image gets deployed I have scripts which install the Novell client (IR2), iprint client (6.0.4) and ZCM agent (11.4.2). During testing and after deployment I see some event errors related to nccredprovider.dll. Googling turns up the probable cause as a missing VC++ 2005 x86 redistrib package. I see this error only once during port imaging sysprep work. I am also seeing warning regarding the ZESM Core Installer and separate warnings about .NET Runtime Optimization Server (2.0.xxxxxxx), again only during post imaging scripting work. These may be purely cosmetic, I don't know.

The above has me wondering if I should be installing MS redistributable packages in my base image? What do you thing? Do you have a goto list of these types of packages you install prior to taking an imagine?

Thanks, Chris.