I have 2 access gateway appliances that are load balanced by an f5. That
works OK. I have 2 tomcat servers behind/protected by the access
gateways. So the access gateways are configured as proxy servers and I
have - Policy for Multiple Destination IP Addresses - set to Round
Robin. I am using jmeter to simulate traffic from 50 ip addresses. The
f5 balances the load between the 2 access gateways but all of the
traffic from the access gateways to the tomcat servers only goes to one
tomcat server. The other just sits idle. There is no load balancing. Is
there something that I am missing?

other configuration settings:

Enable Persistent Connections is checked (I believe that it has to be
because the tomcat servers are not a cluster)

Make Outbound Connection Using - Default Address (I changed each one to
the ip address for that server and it made no difference)

I set both timeouts to 5 seconds.

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