I have a desktop tech reimage the bulk of our laptops each summer ( school 1 to 1) which usually means he is pushing about 20 computers at a time using a multicast setup. Me being a little lazy up till now have ignored the Multicast issue and had him just unplug the network port to the rest of the network and keep the multicast process limited to that switch. Due to major moving around this year that has been a little harder to do. I am now looking at if there is a way to start a multicast image and have it not drown the remaining portion of my subnets.

ZCM 11.4.2 w/May image update
HP 5500 HI switches
9 different subnets (image process starts on the same subnet as the ZCM server)

The image on a multicast process also seems to take way longer then I would have expected. Seems like I can image single image process on 20 computers just as fast as imaging a multicast process.

One last question. With the modern updates to the imaging process how fast does the connection stay at? It use to be 10/100 connections were all that were supported. I have gig switches almost completely throughout the network most of which are managed. The imaging switch is gig but unmanaged. Can I utilize the 1Gig connections with ZCM-Imaging yet or is this possibly coming to ZCM?