Hello all,

normaly you usethe syslog-ngtolog the linux/Suse servers.
But we have to be sure to have the audit-logs,syslogs,kernel-msg etc from our linux server on the sentinel server.
So we think about using a sentinel agent with encrypted TCP to log events to the sentinel collector manager.

I found linux agent from 2011 "sentagentsetup_64", but I found plugins:
The docu states:
"Sentinel Agent has a dependency on the sub agents to start auditing. Sentinel Agent reads the
sentsubagent.conf configuration file located in /usr/local/sbin, which is created by sub
agent (vlog-v2sent), to start auditing. So, installation of at least one sub agent plugin, which
creates this configuration file is mandatory to start Sentinel Agent."

Is there an up-to-date agent available for monitoring linux systems? Which plugins to we have to use?