I have been working on my automation tasks for client workstation re-imaging. One task that is critical is the installation of my AV software (Panda Cloud Office Protection). I have two separate bundles, one for Staff and one for Students. The task installs the comm agent in the folder based on a few simple requirements. The first is that the Agent isn't already running. The second I am wanting to run is have the Student Bundle launch only if the staff bundle isn't assigned. Looking in the requirements Filter section I can see where the "Bundle Installed" option is a yes/no. I am assuming this would push the other bundle if the referred bundle is not installed.

What I am looking to do is have Bundle-Staff run on select groups based on membership/relationship. Have Bundle-Students run if Bundle-Staff isn't assigned. That way it runs on any device that doesn't already have the AV product bundle deployed. kind of a fail safe deployment. Is there a better way to get this done or am I making this to complex? All I am really wanting to do is ensure the AV product is deployed without depending my the desktop tech staff checking for it.