I'm attempting to image a windows 10 machine, and it's been brutal to say the least. First issue was all the native windows 10 Apps that are installed, sysprep would not run because it can't generalize those apps. I used get-appxpackage | remove-appxpackage to uninstall all of the native apps, then sysprep ran successfully... I captured the image, then pushed it down to my test machine. About 2 minutes in, I got the error "Could not create linux hard disk link". I recall getting this error when I was imaging windows 7, and the work around was to run chkdsk /b /r/ f prior to sysprepping the image master. I pulled up my snapshot of the machine pre-sysprep, ran the chkdsk /b /r /f then sysprepped and captured the image. I am STILL getting the same error about 5 minutes in to the restore. All my googling has found is for windows 7... Have any of you come across this, and hopefully solved it?

We are running Zenworks 11.4.1