Hi there,

I am preparing a ZCM bundle to upgrade from Novell Client 2 SP4 Windows IR2 to Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4 (IR3) on Windows 7 x64 Pro SP1 fully patched and I noticed that there is a new certificate coming with it. So I installed it when I got the prompt and exported it so I could run the command "certutil -addstore "TrustedPublisher" "%programfiles%\ZEN_Deploy\NovellClient\NovellClie ntCert.cer"" to avoid user interaction and silently install this new version on the other PCs.

As I run the bundle as "Run as secure system user (Don't allow system to interact with desktop)" it will anyway not ask the user to install the certificate which is what we want but the problem is that the installation gets stuck because it seems that even if the certificate is in the TrustedPublisher the prompt always appear (just ran the unattended install one more time on my pc and could see the pop up window).

I tried to find if there were any known issues on the web and forum but nothing found. Maybe I missed something but it always works well and I am wonder if you have any idea.

Thank you in advance,