I'm trying to get LDAP on GWIA to work. We use Notifylink and I have never been able to move it onto the new GroupWise 2014 servers.

The Old server was OES2/GWIA which Notifylink used IMAP from GWIA and LDAP from Edir on the same server.

The new server is SLES/GWIA which Notifylink can use IMAP and we still point the LDAP to the old server.

Probably why I used eDir on the old solution. I add the switches in the gwia.cfg file and try to use an ldapbrowser to connect and I cannot. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Which makes this even more interesting is we plan on moving to AD. Which if anyone has any experience with Notifylink with GroupWise and AD and has some ideas that would be great.