Hi all,

I have a customer that has several ways to order Roles (about 10 Request Workflows). All Roles have the same Approval Workflow. Until now we could handle all wishes from the customer.

Now he wants to have an exception for just one Request Workflow (1 out of 10).

As far as i know there is no Attribut on the nrfRequest Object that Points to the Workflow that role gots ordered from. Now im thinking about creating my own CorrelationIds during the Request, but i am not sure if this is recommended.

So here are my Questions:
1. is it recommended to create this yourself?
2. what happens if several nrfRequest have the same ID (because currently they can order many roles in one Request Workflow)
3. is there another way to find out which nrfRequest Object was created by what workflow?

Thanks for your help.

Kind Regards