Silent install of IDM v4.5 UserApp on RHEL v6.5 using the and files from the
IDM v4.5 media as my template. The components installed are Tomcat,
PostgreSQL, OSP and UserApp. No SSPR.

/mnt/products/RBPM/user_app_install/IdmUserApp.bin -i silent -f

The install runs with no errors, and everything is configured except the
following items. To get around the problem, I run to set
the values before starting Tomcat for the first time. The goal is to be
able to run the the silent install, and start Tomcat without having to
run configupdate.

1) The "Identity Vault Administrator Password" field is blank, despite
in the file having a value for
BTW, if I start Tomcat, early in the startup I see the following
exception in the catalina.out file. If I run the configupdate utility
and set the admin password, this error goes away.

2016-06-19 22:36:43,418 [localhost-startStop-1] FATAL The admin user null could
not be authenticated against authority Please verify the
admin credentials. eption

2) How is the "OAuth client secret" values set under the "SSO Clients"
tab when doing a silent install? It seems the fields get a value set to
something. Again I get around this by running the configupdate utility,
and I set them to a known value.

3) Since I am not using SSPR, how can I *_NOT_* set a value for the "OSP
Oauth redirect url" field under the "SSO Clients" tab in the SSPR
section when using the silent install?

Thanks in advance for any solutions or ideas!

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