Investigating why my quotas are not stopping users from maxing out the volume. I have all quotes properly set however NSS volume shows a user's home directory size as 36GB whereas Windows Explorer reports it as 2.63TB in size. Looking at the contents, I'd say Windows is reporting the accurate folder size.

My quotes where set at 100GB for this user but with OES reporting it as 36GB it never was reached. Looking further, it is inaccurate for all users.

Looking via ncpcon, I get the same results:
ncpcon quotas view STAFF u |grep -i bsmith
... Executing "quotas view STAFF u"
... completed OK [elapsed time = 19 msecs 512 usecs]
36.0 GB unlimited CN=BSmith.OU=LHS.OU=STAFF.O=LAS

Any ideas why?