Can others test this and report back as to whether this works correctly.

NOTE: this ideally should to be performed prior to starting Designer
for the first time post-install. This is because Windows/Explorer
caches this info.

PROBLEM: When pinning Designer 4.5 to the taskbar one often ends up
with two icons rather than one.

Whilst Designer is not running, there is one pinned icon. Clicking on
this ends up creating a second icon in the taskbar which persists until
the application is closed.

This appears to be an Eclipse issue, that can be avoided by editing two
configuration files in the install.

I have performed this configuration on several installs of Designer
4.5.2/4.5.3 on Windows 7/10/2012 R2 and have had 100% success rate.

Can anyone else test?

Step 1. Install Designer

Untick the launch after install option. Do not launch Designer yet.

Step 2. Edit the following files and comment out the following line in
each file:
<property name="appName" value="Eclipse"/>

Files (taken from a clean Designer 4.5.2 install + 4.5.3 patch):

root>\plugins\com.novell.idm.branding_4.0.0.201509 291552\plugin.xml

Step 3. (Might be optional, but the bug I referenced above recommends
Edit designer.ini and change the first two lines to:

<Designer root>/jre/bin/server/jvm.dll

Step 4.
Launch Designer, wait until fully launched and workspace is visible.
Right click on icon in taskbar and pin Designer to taskbar.


Quit designer and relaunch, at no point should there be more than one
designer icon in the taskbar.