Good morning,

I'm going to be replacing Sentinel's self-signed certificates with certs
from a trusted CA and was wondering if anyone has any insight on this
process. I've read the documentation located at this link and it appears that three certificate
requests need to be generated from the Sentinel server in order to
support the web GUI, connection to RCMs, and connection to the Control
Center application. If that is correct, that seems like a simple-enough

Where the confusion comes in for me is in the last part of the
documentation: Using a signed certificate on distributed components. It
basically says that if you installed Sentinel, installed an RCM, and
then imported CA signed certs into Sentinel, you will have a problem and
"To fix this issue you must import the digitally signed certificate into
the distributed components.". Does this mean that a cert request needs
to be generated from the RCM as well or that one of the certs generated
from the Sentinel server needs to be imported into the RCM? If the
latter, does it get imported with the ssl_certs utility or is there some
other way this needs to be completed (e.g. Disconnecting and
re-connecting the RCM from Sentinel).

If anyone has successfully completed this process, I'd appreciate any
insight/advice you can provide and if you know whether there is any
down-time or any connection interruptions during this process, that
would be good to know too.

Thanks in advance!

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