I'm just starting my REST driver to make call to a cloud service.

This is my first time with REST driver subscriber channel (I already ran
a REST driver as REST endpoint on edir) and I'm a bit confused with the

1) The driver starts properly and there is no error message but I don't
know if the driver try to connect right at the startup ?

2) Then when I make a change on a user I get this error message :

[06/23/16 13:21:42.468]:Saba Rest Driver ST:
<nds dtdversion="4.0" ndsversion="8.x">
<product edition="Advanced" version="">DirXML</product>
<contact>NetIQ Corporation</contact>
<driver-operation-data class-name="User" command="query"
<header content-type="application/json"/>

[06/23/16 13:21:42.468]:Saba Rest Driver ST: Saba Rest Driver:
[06/23/16 13:21:42.468]:Saba Rest Driver ST: Saba Rest Driver:
[06/23/16 13:21:42.468]:Saba Rest Driver ST: Saba Rest Driver:
queryHandler: class-name == 'User'
[06/23/16 13:21:42.468]:Saba Rest Driver ST:
SubscriptionShim.execute() returned:
[06/23/16 13:21:42.484]:Saba Rest Driver ST:
<nds dtdversion="3.0">
<product build="20150722_0750" version="">Identity Manager
REST Driver</product>
<contact>NetIQ Corporation.</contact>
<status event-id="0" level="error" type="driver-general">Exception:
Resource could not be found for class-name User.Make sure the class-name
supplied to the driver exactly matches the schema name in the driver
[06/23/16 13:21:42.484]:Saba Rest Driver ST: Applying input
transformation policies.

I guess I must set a kind of mapping table to configure the REST schema,
but I don't know where ?

Any help ?



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