So I am going to throw out a generality that I can't say for sure it is a
problem but I am thinking it may be. Since updating my clients to 11.4.2
win7pro 64 I have noticed so far an app that I have assigned to all devices
triggered on user login is no longer running. it shows it as available.
Before 11.4.2 my "disable windows 10 update" bundle would always get rid of
the nagware update me in the task tray. now I am noticing the nagware being
visible on newly imaged computers. this is the second bundle I have come
across that is no longer force running based on triggered on user login. I
first noticed this on an app I created for some newly imaged win10 systems.
but I blew it off as an anomaly and changed my image to fix what the bundle
was going to do. But now this bundle that has always worked is not running.
I was able to BV it with no issues. So I was just wondering if anyone else
is seeing this. I will test some more and probably open an SR.