I am working on fixing SLP in an SLES 11 SP3 / OES 11 SP2 environment. I have configured the 6 servers' slp.conf file by specifying an SLP scope and pointing the servers to two DAs. Both DAs are running and if at a Windows 10 cmd prompt I query SLP using slpinfo /a, I see the two DA's, the Scope list with my listed scope and the Default scope, the eDir tree and 5 of the 6 servers.

I checked the one non-DA server that I don't see and it appears to be configured the same way as the other non-DA servers. I can ping the DAs from this server and the DAs can ping it. I have tried using the SLPTool on this server and it shows the correct scope (slptool findscopes) as well as the two DAs (slptool findsrvs service). I have searched for some better documentation on the SLPTool options but can't find out how to force this server to register with the DAs or force the DAs to query this server.

So my questions are:

1. Is there a way to force an SA to register with a DA? If so, how?

2. Is there a way to force a DA to contact and SA to register its services? If so, how?

3. One server with an eDir replica, which DOES show up in the slpinfo list, has two iSCSI NICs whose IPs are listed along with the main IP for that server. I tried to fix that by modifying the slp.conf file on that server and adding the parameter net.slp.interfaces=w.x.y.z, where w.x.y.z is the correct IP address of this server. After saving the slp.conf and restarting the slp daemon, I then did an SLPInfo /a on my WS and found that the server had completely disappeared from the list! I waited for 10 to 15 minutes but it didn't come back so I removed the parameter, restarted slpd again and then I got the server back in the list but with the iSCSI IP addresses still listed. (I don't think I fat-fingered the parameter.)

3.a Is this just a timing thing? Was there a command I could have run to update the DAs with that server's new IP address info?

3.b Is there a command I can run on the DAs to get them to look at that server again to get the new info?

4. With the slptool on the server, how can I get a list of info similar to what I get when I run "slpinfo /a" on a WS? Specifically how do I see the eDir tree that the server is using through SLP? How do I get a list of the servers that this server can see through SLP?