Hi.... OK one of our developers broke vibe today and asked me to restore it completely from last nights Veeam backup. So I told it to do a full restore of the VM.

When we try opening vibe I just get a blank page, with the url of our vibe server followed by this ......../ssf/a/c/p_name/ss_forum/p_action/1/action/__ajax_request/operation/view_error_message/value/javax.portlet.PortletException%3A+org.apache.jaspe r.JasperException%3A+%2FWEB-INF%2Fjsp%2Fforum%2FGwtMainPage.jsp+(line%3A+42%2C +column%3A+1)+File+"%2FWEB-INF%2Fjsp%2Fcommon%2Finclude.jsp"+not+found/novl_url/1

Where do the actual vibe bits live for me to look at log files and actually look at the raw pages to see what data is in there to work out where to start. /var/log/messages has no clues at all.

Vibe 4.0.1
SLES11 VM running on VMWare 5.1 with veeam 9 backup.