I have a GW server which behaves strange in a negative meaning. Its a GW 2014 R2 HP1 system on SLES11 SP4. The situation is, that the load on the server goes up to 30ish, gwpoa is using a max cpu. The result is slow client connections and users complains. I have turned on Performance Snapshots on the POA and the results are strange. Everything is per minute!
CPU usage sometimes goes over 1000% yes, 1000%. I don't know what this mean, as the system has only 2 cores.
Disk Read (KB) is 2116830.
Disk write (KB) 143478.
Disk Read Count 1050980
Disk Write Count 21611
App connection is about 60, everything else is low. Users are mainly using WebAccess and IMAP.
Of course there is nothing spectacular in the logs. IMAP logins, message distributions, and so on.

This in only 1 server from the total of 45. The others does not have this situation or at least I have not recognised it yet.
My question is that how can I find out what the poa agent is doing? Why is it reading 2 GB / minute from the disk?

There is no GWcheck in progress, no quickfinder indexing.
After users go home, the load goes back to normal.