Last week I went from 11.4.1 to 11.4.2 and then put the May 16 imaging update on. We have HP Streams (with the HP USB NIC) and I was excited because the eMMC drives should now be supported in the latest updates/SLES 12 (the USB NIC did work before 11.4.2). Well, I think the eMMC drive is working, but now the NIC isn't pulling an IP address after it gets past the PXE boot. I opened SR 101012010341 but haven't got much traction on it.

I can boot to the CD imaging menu and tried entering newid="0x0bda 0x8153,cdc_ether" before entering maintenance mode. I got those values from, using hwinfo --netcard, and it is using the Realtek USB 10/100/1000 LAN vendor/device under USB, and "driver status: cdc_ether is active". But ifconfig still shows no IP address other than loopback, so it won't pull the image from the proxy server.

Is there anything more I can do to make this work?