Started working with Designer 4.5.4 on Friday, and quickly found my first

Fresh download and install of Designer 4.5.4 on Win7.

I have several package repositories that have packages in them. In
Designer preferences, I added the repos with https://hostname/path/to/repo

Normally then Check for Package Updates would be used to bring these
packages in to Designer.

Symptom: Check for Package Updates claims that all packages are up to

Doing some testing, I found that if I disabled the two default package
repos, and checked for updates, Designer would complain about the
security of the https://hostname repos I added.

On a guess, I changed the URLs to http://hostname/path/to/repo URLs.

Check for Package Updates now shows the packages in my repositories.
Enabling the default (nu) package repos still shows the packages in my

Theory: It looks like multiple small things add up here.

1. The Linux host for hostname is probably running an outdated Apache
server with an SSL configuration that Designer is no longer happy with.
That's understandable, and the Linux host should be fixed, but is out of
my control.

2. Designer seems to note that the default package repos (nu) are up to
date, the added repos are not available (due to #1), so it reports that
all packages are up to date, masking #1 from being seen.

Expected Results:

Designer should not mask the SSL failure in contacting https://hostname.

David Gersic
Knowledge Partner
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