it seems that after Novell upgrading to NTP v.4, the setup for DSfW purpose no longer works.
I would like to verify if my observation is true.

Installation for a DSfW server will add a line inside ntp.conf as follow to facilitate w32time authentication to Windows clients:

authprov /opt/novell/xad/lib64/ 131072:4294967295 global

Per Novell's Luke Howard, the key ID space is specified as the second argument; the third argument if present is passed to the provider's constructor.
Additional authentication providers could be registered with the authprov configuration file directive in the past, and is now unavailable it seems as is no longer seen in /proc/PID/maps

NTP v.4 no longer uses the authprov directive.

Clients in a DSfW environment will rely on the PDC for time sync, and that could be a problem if the authentication provider is not available.