We have an old ZCM 11.2 single server primary zone that we are moving WS from to a new ZCM 11.4.1 single server primary zone. I wrote a batch file that first imports the ZCM 11.4.1 certficate using "zac cert-info ..." then used zenworksuninstall.exe to change the zones. This works and USUALLY after the zone is changed the agent on the WS will be automatically updated to 11.4.1. However in some cases this doesn't happen. The zone is changed on the WS correctly and I see the WS in the 11.4.1 zone, however, the agent on the WS is never updated.

Is there a zac command that will force the WS to update to the latest agent from the server? I could add that to the batch file. I looked at the zac command line parameters but didn't see one.

Also, when I look in the ZCM admin program on the System Updates page, I see under 'Deploying System Updates' only the 'Post 11SP4 Update Prereq' listed (which has been applied to the primary server). I was sure that the Update for "ZENworks 11 SP4 (11.4.1)" was listed there as well. Could this be why the agent isn't being updated? I don't see it listed under 'Available System Updates'; I only see the "Update for ZENworks 11 SP4 (11.4.2)" which shows as downloaded. Would this have cleared out the 11.4.1 update?