Sentinel available!

Release notes: here

Software Fixes#

  • Cannot Manage Some Alerts in the Alerts Dashboard
  • Sentinel Writes a Warning Message in Logs Repeatedly
  • Report Generation Fails If the Remote Sentinel Server Events Contain Special Characters
  • Firewall Turns ON After Running the Script
  • Warning Displayed in the Sentinel Web Interface When You Add a Sentinel Log Manager Server as Data Source
  • Non-Administrator Users with the Right Permissions Cannot Assign Alerts
  • Event Fields Copied from the Trigger Event Overwrite Customized Event Fields
  • Sentinel Web Interface Stops When You Select Event Sources for Event Criteria
  • Administrator User Cannot Edit User Event Views
  • Collector Manager Generates Unnecessary Keystores When You Import the Root Certificate
  • The simple_event_restore Option in the Script does not Restore Data
  • Sentinel Link Event Sources Do Not Communicate with Sentinel Intermittently
  • Real-Time Views Do Not Display Any Data for Tenants That Have the Underscore Character in Their Names
  • Cannot Use Sorting in Incident View Manager in Sentinel Control Center
  • Reports are Empty When the Last Day of the Time Range Does Not Contain Events Searched For By That Report
  • Cannot Start Sentinel Control Center