I'm looking for clarification on the correct status of the ZENworks server services during a ZCM upgrade (like 11.4.1 > 11.4.2). The procedure that's clear to me is:

  1. Import 11.4.2 update via zman
  2. Stop all ZENworks services via 'novell-zenworks-configure -c Start' on all but the first Primary servers
  3. Apply the update to the first Primary server through its own ZCC
  4. Update on the first Primary server is done after a reboot and the rebuilding of deployment packages

After this it is unclear to me which services I need to start on the next Primary server to be updated. Since I deploy the update trough the ZCC of the first (updated) Primary server at least the agent service on the next Primary server needs to be running I guess (which was stopped at step 2)? Or do I need to start ALL the ZENworks server services again (novell-zenworks-configure)? Which way is right and what would be the consequences if done wrong?